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To ensure the safest possible return to the studio, we are sharing with you our updated studio policies concerning entering and exiting the building. As always, the health and safety of all who enter is our number one priority.

If for any reason you are not comfortable or confident with your child coming into the studio, please keep your child home and continue doing class via Zoom. We feel very fortunate that we can offer both options to meet everyone's needs. Just notify us via email so we can set up a link for your class.

We recommend the following families keep their dancer home for class:

Anyone uncomfortable with sending their child to the studio for any reason at this time

Any family with multiple dancers enrolled that finds Zoom more convenient for scheduling

Anyone with a dancer or family member that feels ill

Anyone living with a person who has a compromised immune system

Anyone living or interacting with elderly people on a regular basis

Anyone that thinks their dancer may struggle with social distancing upon return to the studio


We will be following all recommendations to ensure impeccable cleanliness, social distancing and the protection of those that are most vulnerable in our community. Ohio's official operating requirements are attached for you to review. We are also deeply grateful for his recognition that exercise is critical to health and well-being. I am excited to share what this means for your dancer(s)!

General Updates:

  • We are keeping our mask requirement in place until vaccines are widely available for all of our students. 

  • We have upgraded our air filtration system

  • We have hired a professional cleaning service to deep clean the studio once per week. 

  • We have removed all seating from our lobby area. 

  • Lobby areas, cubbies, doorknobs, light switches, etc will be disinfected using CDC approved products before classes and after each group of dancers leaves the studio. 

  • Restrooms will be disinfected after each use.

  • We will save NO LOST AND FOUND items. Anything left behind will be thrown out at the end of classes each day.

  • Class times will be reduced by 5 minutes so that teachers can clean between each group of students. 

What about masks?

All staff, students and parents will be required to wear a mask while entering and exiting the building and while in the lobby area. Our dancers will not be required to wear masks while dancing, although it is highly encouraged if your dancer can safely do so. We understand that masks can be difficult to deal with and uncomfortable, and hinder visibility while dancing. 

We can't wait to see you in the studio!

Ohio Operating Requirements:





All employees will wash their hands upon entering the studio. Employees will remove shoes and place them in a plastic bag. If they feel ill, they will be asked to stay home. All employees will practice social distancing while at the studio. Following each class, teachers will sanitize the room (including door handles, the barre, etc.), wash their hands and open the door for the next class to enter. Focus for class will be on recital preparation. Front desk staff will log check-in, check-out time for each student.


Employee Checklist:

Wash your hands before and after every class

Sanitize before and after every class

Only employees will touch studio doorknobs to limit exposure

Modify choreography to eliminate/reduce partner work/contact between dancers



Dancers should be supervised by a parent or guardian until they enter the studio. Please don't plan to enter more than 5 minutes before your class. Dancers need to be READY for class. No extra layers, hair neatly secured (to reduce fussing with it). Please only bring what you absolutely need for class. 

Upon entering, dancers need to sanitize hands and head directly to class. Dancers should bring their own water bottle with their name on it. Water bottles with any spray function are strictly prohibited.

Cubbies will be available, but we ask that dancers only bring small bags with only their essential items needed for class. Bags must fit inside the cubbies. 

Our dance floors are marked off for each dancer to have their own space and be encouraged to maintain a safe distance throughout class. Please pick up your dancer promptly so that we can prepare for the next class. 

If your dancer is attending multiple classes in an evening, they may remain inside their classroom between classes. 


Dancer Checklist:

Use the bathroom before heading to the studio

Arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before class.

Wear dance shoes and bring a water bottle with your name on it

Apply hand sanitizer upon entering the building. 

Head straight to class, maintain social distancing.

Parents, Siblings, Etc:

Parents of dancers age 7 and under may have one parent wait in the lobby during class. Siblings not attending class are not permitted. We ask that parents be available to help with restroom breaks as needed for our little dancers. Parents must wear a face covering and maintain proper social distancing at all times. We will limit the total number of parents in the lobby at any given time. Please plan to drop your child off if at all possible. 


Parent Checklist:

Remain outside of the building unless accompanying a dancer under age 8. 

Continue to call or email with any questions/concerns.

Pick up your dancer at the appropriate time.

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