DDC offers one of the most well-rounded dance programs in Central Ohio. We believe in establishing proper technique, terminology, and conditioning from an early age. 


This 30 minute class is designed for dancers ages 3-4. They will be introduced to basic Ballet terminology, perform steps across the floor and in center, dance with props, and explore some creative movement.

Dance With Me

This 30 minute class is a fantastic chance to expose small children to music and dance. With the added comfort of mom (or Dad!), it is perfect for the young child who may be hesitant to come into class alone. We play dance games, learn basic dance terminology and enjoy a special bonding time between child and parent. Parents and kids are invited to perform in our Spring Concert together. This performance usually steals the show!

Combo Classes

Beginner dancers will be introduced to basic Ballet and Tap terminology, perform steps across the floor and in center, dance with props, play dance games and explore creative movement. We also offer combo classes in Hip Hop and Acrobatics. These classes are focused on fun and foundations.


Classical Ballet utilizes formalized steps and codified positions and movements. It develops grace, strength, flexibility and artistry. We offer a well-rounded ballet program incorporating Cecchetti and Vaganova methods. Dancers usually begin class with barre work or stretching and progress to combinations in the center and across the floor. Ballet is the foundation of formal dance training.


Tap dance utilizes special shoes outfitted with metal “taps” used to create percussive sound. This exciting dance form is set to upbeat music and develops rhythm and sense of timing in addition to coordination and balance. Tap is often a favorite among our students!


Jazz came about as a fusion of classical ballet technique fused with African and Caribbean cultural dance. This high-energy genre utilizes the structure of ballet, but allows more freedom of movement and set to upbeat music. Classical forms can be seen in Broadway musicals and more modern forms in commercials and shows like “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Lyrical / Contemporary

Made popular by shoes like “So You Think You Can Dance,” contemporary dance form requires a high proficiency in classical ballet technique, jazz, and also utilizes elements of hip hop. This is a highly expressive and beautiful form of dance.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop evolved from African and cultural dances. It is marked by qualities of polyrhythms, undulating spinal movements, isolations, and a contrast of sharp and fluid movements. This is a popular form of dance featured in pop music videos.


Modern dance draws on the techniques of classic choreographers such as Martha Graham, Lester Horton, and Merce Cunningham to name a few. Instructors use movements such as contractions, spirals, floor work, use of space, momentum, and focus to develop a dynamic movement qualities. Dancers develop fluidity, musicality, and a deep understanding of movement initiation. 


Acrobatics combines the strength and coordination of gymnastics with the artistry of dance. Students work on tumbling elements, floor tricks, and jumps. This class focuses on developing power, flexibility, and athleticism.