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Diversion Dance Collective

Diversion Dance Collective is a premier dance studio in Worthington, Ohio. We offer professional dance instruction in a positive environment. Costumes and music are family-friendly and age appropriate. All classes are taught by professional, experienced instructors with a passion for teaching. Whether your child aspires to dance professionally or just loves to move, Diversion offers a safe, uniquely diverse, and encouraging home for dance. With workshops ranging from choreography to injury prevention, Diversion has it all. Even all-boys classes! Children of all abilities, ages 2 and up are welcome!

Our Core Value:
Caring for the Whole Dancer

  • Growing confident, well-rounded, strong, and versatile dancers

  • Focusing on Injury prevention and age-appropriate training

  • Providing a safe and welcoming dance home for our students 

  • Sharing our passion with dancers of all ages and abilities

  • Ensuring family friendly content and costumes

  • Teaching valuable life skills that prepare our students for success outside of the studio

  • Giving our dancers unique performance and training opportunities


  • 4800 square feet facility

  • 3 dance rooms

  • Sprung floors reduce fatigue and prevent injury

  • Comfortable lobby area with designated dining and homework areas

  • Viewing windows for parents

  • Easily accessible from 71, 270, or 315. 

  • Convenient to Worthington, Lewis Center, Westerville, Clintonville, Dublin

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Faculty members come from backgrounds including professional performance, college dance programs, and years of teaching experience. In addition to fantastic instruction, it is important for us to also provide positive, caring role-models for our students.

Learn more about our instructors.


We offer classes for ages 3-18, absolute beginner through pre-professional. 

All abilities are welcome.

Learn more about our programs

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A Letter From Our Artistic Director

Dear Prospective Dance Parent,


Over the last 16 years I’ve had the privilege to work with so many inspiring students in some amazing studios. As a choreographer, instructor, competition judge and competitive coach. I have loved witnessing preschoolers discover the joy dance brings, watching graduating seniors give the performance of a lifetime and everything in between. Sharing my passion with my students brings joy to my life and to my world. I’m so incredibly lucky to be able to share what I love! 


In my years of choreographing for studios throughout the country I noticed that the prevalence of injuries in young students seemed to become more and more common. As dancers, we learn to push past what we think is possible. Sometimes dancers can push themselves past what is safe. 


When I founded DDC, I had seen a huge need for young dancers to train hard, but also smart. As a result, our curricula and teaching methods have been centered around developing the right muscles, correct alignment, and movement practices to prevent injuries. Students learn at a pace that is appropriate for their growing bodies. 


When you love to dance, you want to dance forever. We mold dancers who can move for life. At DDC, it’s not about instant gratification. It’s about learning to do it correctly and seeing the amazing difference it makes. 


Beyond this, we care for the whole dancer. Our mission is to nurture students to be confident, passionate about dance, and train safely at all ages. Our dancers receive encouragement and guidance every step of the way, whether it’s their first class, their first recital, first big workshop, audition, college application or beyond. We’re here for our dancers forever.


It’s an honor to nurture the next generation dance artists and dance lovers alike. If you’d like to introduce your child to the incredible world of dance and movement, please reach out to me! I would be thrilled to teach you that first step.! Let’s Dance!


Lisa Keller

Artistic Director

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