Tuition and Payments

Tuition for our regular season program is based on a 36 week schedule. We do not charge for Holidays, Winter Break or Spring Break:

30-minute classes: $440/season ($44/payments)

45-minute classes: $550/season ($55/payments)

60-minute classes: $670/season($67/payments)

90-minute classes: $850/season ($85/payments)

The first class per family is full-price.

The 2nd class per family is 10% off

The 3rd class is 15% off

The 4th class is 20% off; and so on, with a maximum discount of 35%.

Tuition payment options:

1. Lump sum--entire season (5% discount) Cash or check only by September 10th.

2. Monthly-- 10 equal monthly payments (dates listed below). Cash, check, debit/credit.

Tuition payments are not refundable. If a student drops mid-month, the prorated amount will be left as a credit on the family account.

Annual Registration:

$40 single dancer 

$50 family 


Costumes (Girls’ Level 1 and 2 costumes include tights): Due November 1st

Combo: $85

Level 1: $85

Level 2: $90

Level 2/3: $95

Boys Costumes: up to $85

  • Recital Fee: $92/family Due March 1st

    • Includes Recital video, professional performance photos, 2 recital tickets (additional tickets can be purchased beginning May 16th)

  • A student may take a make-up class within 30 days of an absence, but no refunds are given for missed classes. Your tuition payment guarantees a place in the class regardless of your dancers attendance. Please notify the office prior to missing class if at all possible.

  • All accounts are required to have a valid credit card on file with our office.

  • For families enrolled in auto-pay, your credit card on file is automatically charged for your due balance on the 1st of each month. If you prefer to pay by cash or check, no problem! Your payment must be received by the close of our last business day before the first of each month. 

  • Accounts unpaid by the 5th will incur a $25 late fee. 

  • There is a $30 returned check fee. For cards that are declined, we will attempt to contact you to collect payment until the 15th of the month. After that date, your account will need to be current before your dancer returns to class. 

  • Families with students not participating in recital will have their last payment due on May 1st. These students will not attend class for the last 2 weeks of May as we will be preparing for the performance.

  • We do not suspend accounts for families who wish to take an extended break; in order to remain enrolled, tuition must be paid according to one of the above options. Families who withdraw and then re-enroll within the same season will be charged a re-registration fee of $30/single student or $40/family.


  • Payment Dates:

    • 1st and last payment: At registration (Registration fee due)

    • 2nd Payment: October 1

    • 3rd Payment: November 1 (Recital Costume Fee due)

    • 4th Payment: December 1 

    • 5th Payment: January 1

    • 6th Payment: February 1

    • 7th Payment: March 1 (Recital fee due)

    • 8th Payment: April 1 

    • 9th Payment: May 1

Summer Tuition

30-minute classes $38

45-minute classes $45

60-minute classes $50

90-minute classes $65

The above multi-class and family discounts apply.

Summer tuition is due in full upon registration.


Studio Policies


  • Costume payments received after November 15th are not guaranteed to have costumes in time for Picture Day. These orders will also incur an extra $15 per costume to cover separate shipping and processing.

  • Students who enroll after January 10th are not guaranteed to perform in our Spring Recital. Please contact the office for exact cut-off participation dates.

  • Students who do not have a costume, and proper shoes/tights will not be allowed to participate in the recital. Tights are included with your costume order and shoes can be sized and purchased through the studio. 

  • In order to be fully prepared for recital, all dancers are only allowed 2 absences after April 18th. We will not allow dancers on stage who are not fully prepared to do their best.

  • Weather Closures: Will be announced on Facebook, via email, and website by 8am for morning classes, 2pm for evening classes. Please contact the office to schedule a make-up class in the event your class is cancelled.

  • If your dancer will be absent from class, please notify our office as early as possible.

  • If your dancer has a fever or is vomiting, please wait 24 hours after symptoms subside to return to the studio. We love our dancers. We do not love sharing germs. This also applies to family members in the lobby.

  • Use of inappropriate language will not be tolerated within the classrooms or lobby at any time.

  • Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes before class to be prepared for class. This includes using the restroom, having the proper dress code attire on, and having neatly secured hair.

  • A proper warm-up is required to participate safely. Students arriving 15 minutes after the start of class are welcome to sit and observe.

  • Students arriving 7 minutes after class begins may or may not be able to participate. This is at the teacher’s discretion.

  • Students must be in proper dress code to participate in class.

  • Young children not taking class must be supervised by an adult at all times. You are welcome to bring toys, books, and other entertainment for siblings.

  • Please keep noise to a minimum in the lobby, so the dancers are not distracted while in class. Please do not knock on viewing windows.

  • Absolutely no street shoes allowed on dance room floors.

  • DDC does not have a water fountain, please bring a water bottle for your dancer(s). Bottles of water are available for purchase at the front desk.

  • All food must be consumed in the designated eating area. 

  • Please avoid bringing snacks with peanuts or tree nuts. We have students with severe food allergies. Help us keep our kids safe.

  • Please wash hands after consuming any food or snacks.

  • Please dispose of all garbage and clean up after consuming food/snacks. Dump any liquid from cups or bottles before putting them in the trash.

  • DDC is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please leave valuables at home.



Dress Code

Being in proper dress code for every class is mandatory. If a dancer is in violation of dress code, he or she will be asked to leave class until they are properly prepared. Our dress code allows teachers to see body placement and give the very best instruction. It promotes a sense of unity among dancers, and allows teachers to clean dances more efficiently. Dancers are expected to present clean lines in all classes with the exception of Hip Hop. 

In addition to the following, all dancers must have hair neatly secured for class. If hair becomes a distraction during class/rehearsal the dancer will be asked to leave and return once he/she is prepared to focus fully on dancing. Stud earrings, religious and medical jewelry are ok. All other jewelry must be removed. This is for safety and uniformity purposes. All undergarments must blend with the required dress code.


Dance With Me:

Any comfortable clothes that allow full movement. Socks or bare feet.


Ballet/Tap Combo:

Girls: Any color leotard and tights. Attached skirts are welcome! Please avoid separate skirts. Pink ballet shoes. No satin slippers. Black tap shoes.

Boys: Plain (no designs), fitted t-shirt, fitted shorts or pants, black ballet/tap shoes.​

Hip Hop/Acro Combo:

Girls: Any color leotard, footless, convertible, or stirrup tights. Tights are required, with bare feet exposed. Dancers may add a tshirt/tank, and shorts/leggings over leotard for hip hop portion of class. 

Boys: Plain (no designs), fitted t-shirt, fitted shorts or athletic pants.

Hip Hop Shoes: Athletic shoes should have a flat bottom with very little tread (not worn outside). Black Converse-style oxfords will be required for recital. 


Ladies: pink tights, pink ballet shoes, black leotard (any style), hip alignment belt. Uniform pink ballet slippers will be required for recital.

Gentlemen: Plain, fitted white t-shirt, fitted black jazz shorts or tights, black shoes. An extra layer may be worn for warm-up only at the teacher's discretion. Uniform black ballet slippers will be required for recital


Ladies: solid color leotard (any style), fitted leggings or shorts (any length), tights, tan jazz shoes (pirouettes, pedinis, etc). A particular style will be required for recital.

Gentlemen: solid color fitted shirt and jazz pants or tights



Ladies: Black leotard, black fitted leggings (any length), tights (optional), black oxford-style tap shoes.

Gentlemen: Black, fitted shirt and black jazz pants.



Solid color leotard, leggings or tights (any length), fitted shorts or pants, bare feet


Hip Hop:

Any top (no bare midriffs), any bottoms that allow full movement. Layers are acceptable. Athletic shoes should have a flat bottom with very little tread (not worn outside). Black Converse-style oxfords will be required for recital.